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The Heart of V is made locally in Eureka, CA. Made of all organic and natural ingredients. Veronica, the owner, is a liscenced estitian who wanted to make a natural line of products that felt safe and yummy to use.


  • Rosemary- an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces menstrual cramps, increases circulation & protects the vagina from bad bacteria.

  • Motherwort-regulates irregular menstrual cycles, ease anxiety and promote relaxation.

  • Rose Petals- has anti-aging & anti-depressant properties that help prevent and treat infections.

  • Calendula- has anti-fungal properties and helps relieve menstrual cramps, calms muscles, and alleviates hot flashes.

  • Mugwort- boosts energy, increases wetness, regulates irregular menstrual cycles, relieves itches and stimulates the uterus.

  •  Red Raspberry Leaf l- aids fertility by clearing toxins that may be preventing pregnancy, tones, tightens & strengthens the pelvic muscles which produces better sex and increases the chances of embryo implantation. It is also known to relieve PMS symptoms.

Do not use if you:

  • Are Pregnant
    • Are Allergic to any of the ingredients/herbs