Velv'Or Rooster Xander

Velv'Or Rooster Xander

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ROOSTER XANDER is an oval, soft silicone cock ring with five projections, that are reminiscent of the crests of a mountain range. This durable, stretchy and comfortable cock ring can be worn around the package (penis and scrotum) or just at the base of the erect penis. Being enringed with ROOSTER XANDER will result in a robust erection and the projections will stimulate their partner.

How to Wear

Simply stretch out ROOSTER XANDER with both hands. Enring your balls and erect penis or slide it down the shaft of the erection until it is at the base of your penis. Ensure the ring is positioned so that the projections will contact their partner. Adjust its position for comfort.


Velv’Or advises you to listen carefully to the body. How long a man can be enringed varies from person to person. The larger the package, or the greater the girth of the penis, the tighter it will be gripped by ROOSTER XANDER.

Key features

  • Stylish mountain peak design
  • Created for him and his partners pleasure
  • A great ring for beginner, intermediate and advanced users
  • Supports firmer erections
  • Comfortable, stretchy and durable
  • One size fits all