Cheeky Charms-Silver Metal Butt Plug- Light Up-Medium

Cheeky Charms-Silver Metal Butt Plug- Light Up-Medium

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Cheeky Charms luminous multi-color anal plugs are brilliant light up butt plugs available in two sizes. These anal plugs are great for anyone who wants to bring a little flare to light up their intimate life. Tapered for easy insertion and designed with a flared base and thin stem, Cheeky Charms light up anal plugs are comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Use during intercourse to achieve a fuller feeling or to add some fun to the bedroom. Cheeky Charms are the perfect booty jewelry and decor for women, men, couples and also for solo play.

Medium, silver metal, teardrop shaped anal plug with dazzling, light up multicolored base. Hypoallergenic, nonporous, body safe, nickel free, aluminum alloy, anal jewelry compatible with all lubricants. Easy to clean butt plug.
Available in two different sizes, featuring three different light up patterns.

• Body Safe
• Nonporous
• Aluminum Alloy
• Nickel Free
• Tapered
• Teardrop Shaped
• Thin Stem
• Flared Base Anal Plug
• Light Up Multi Color
• 3 Brilliant Patterns
• Lightweight
• Easy to Clean
• Splash Proof
• RoHS Certified
• Prop 65 Compliant
• 1 Year Limited Warranty

Measurements: Overall length: 3.38" (8.59 cm), insertable length: 2.02" (5.13 cm), circumference: 4.05" (10.29 cm)

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Battery Information:

• Cheeky Charms Light Up butt plug comes with 2 x LR932 batteries.
• Only use 2 x LR932 batteries in your light up anal plug. Using any other batteries may cause malfunction.
• To change the batteries, unscrew the outer metal casing of the base of the plug and remove the white light disk.
• Lift the lid of the light up disk at the lip and remove the battery pack in the center. Replace batteries as needed.
• Replace the battery pack with the new batteries and gently push the lid back onto the light disk.
• Put the white light up disk back into the center of the plug and screw the outer metal casing back onto the base.
• Play time is approximately 20 hours.